Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall

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The Duduma Waterfall, 175 metres (574 ft) high,[1] is formed by the Machkund river in Odisha & Andhra Pradesh states of India.[2][3]

Duduma Falls

Duduma is about 92 km from Koraput and about 177 km from Visakhapatnam. It forms a part of the boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Duduma Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in India. Its waters support a large hydroelectric project called Machkund Hydro Electric Power Project located at ‘Onukudelli’. Machkund is an important place for pilgrimage. The name Machkund derived from a pilgrimage point called ‘Matsya Kunda’near the township of Paderu in Andhra Pradesh. A beautiful township called ‘Onukudelli’ has grown around this lovely place. The aboriginal tribe of ‘Bondas’ live near this waterfalls. It has two sub-waterfalls one on the Odisha side and the other on the Andhra Pradesh side. The waterfalls lie in picturesque surroundings. It is one of the best tourist spots in Southern India

Country Germany
Languages spokenEnglish,hindi,odia
Currency usedINR
Area (km2)Koraput

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